Welcome to Cass Lake Lodge

Cass Lake Lodge is a family owned and operated resort. When you stay at Cass Lake Lodge, we will personally do whatever we can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We appreciate our customers. We realize that our guests make it possible to stay in business and to live on this resort that we love.

We are Jason and Jody Ball. We purchased Cass Lake Lodge in 2017. We are second generation family owners. Jason grew up in Northeast Montana. He received a civil engineering degree and worked for the Federal Highway Department before working at the resort. Jody grew up in the Fargo area and has always been a lake girl. They met at Cass Lake Lodge in 2005 and have been living and working here ever since. They have two boys, Parker and Konnor, who both love the resort life!

Jason’s parents, Jim and Kerri, bought Cass Lake Lodge in 2003. They invited both of their sons, Jason and James, to come work with them. James worked at the resort until 2012 when he and his family moved to Washington state to run their own resort. Jim and Kerri owned and ran the resort until 2017 when they sold it to Jason and Jody. Even though they are no longer the owners, they continue to spend time here and visit with customers.

We feel very blessed and honored to own and run Cass Lake Lodge. One of the many joys of owning Cass Lake Lodge is seeing guests return year after year. It is always great to see a familiar face and see how their family has changed. One day we hope our kids will continue our family tradition and enjoy the same excitement we do with running it!

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We take pride in offering family fishing vacations.

Please join us in our little "peace" of paradise. We are sure you will love it here too. If you're lucky enough to be at the lake, you're lucky enough!